Thursday, January 18, 2007

Free Voodoo Doll Love Spell

Yes, Voodoo dolls are excellent for use in cases of attracting love or improving sex. Get a Voodoo doll in the likeness of Oshun or Erzulie Freda. These are the Santeria and Voodoo Goddesses of love.

The following ritual invokes the spirit of Oshun. Oshun is the Santeria goddess of love, art, and dance. Her greatest attribute is her ability to provide the emotions a solid foundation upon which to reside and grow.

Ideally, you will begin at your altar. It is advisable to have altar candles (yellow, green, or pink) and spiritual incense burning (cinnamon) at the time of use. To begin, you will need to ask Papa Legba to open the gates to the spirit world so that you can ask Oshun for a favor. To do so, recite the following three times:

Odu Legba, Papa Legba, open the door, Your children are waiting. Papa Legba, open the door, your children await.

You can now use your Voodoo doll as a focusing tool for creating the change you seek. Oshun is particularly useful for improving love, happiness, and emotional strength. Concentrate on the outcome you wish to occur and greet Oshun with the appropriate ritual greeting: Ori Ye Ye O.
You may now ask Oshun for assistance in creating the change you seek. You may write a petition if you wish. Make an offering for three days following your request. Appropriate offerings include lighting a special candle, placing a small plate of food from your dinner on her altar, or flowers. Oshun is particularly fond of cinnamon, honey, oranges, pumpkins, gold, mirrors, and French pastries. Her favorite colors are yellow, green, and coral, her favorite day is Thursday, and her favorite number is the number 5. Be creative!

When you are finished, place Oshun in your kitchen or in the bedroom as these are the best places in the home for her.

To purchase an Oshun Voodoo doll such as the one pictured, visit The Mystic Voodoo.

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Divine by Design - Voodoo Valentine Dolls!

Are you tired of giving the same ole same ole for Valentine's Day? Well, thanks to the creativity of New Orleans born mystical artist Denise Alvarado, you have a new choice based on an ancient Voodoo tradition - Voodoo Valentine dolls!

Here's a fresh twist to an old stereotype; give your loved one the gift of a Voodoo Valentine doll, inspired by the Voodoo, hoodoo, and Santeria goddesses of love, passion and sex. Expertly handcrafted and surprisingly beautiful, the Voodoo Valentine dolls are created in the traditional New Orleans fashion out of Spanish moss and sticks, and adorned with a variety of vintage lace and beautiful fabrics that scream LOVE at first site. Each face is carefully sculpted out of polymer clay with painted details. And, they come signed by the artist for authenticity. They even come with a free supercharged Voodoo love spell!!!

Here's a run down on some of the different types of Voodoo Valentine dolls available:

Madm'zelle Divine Love

Encompassing the divine essence of the Santeria love goddess Oshun and the passion and allure of Voodoo love goddess Erzulie Freda Dahomey, Madm'zelle Divine Love is a wonderfully unique gift for that special someone on Valentine's day. Measures approximately 6 to 7 inches tall. Cost: $34.95.

Oshun, Santeria Goddess of Love, Art & Dance

Oshun provides gifts of money and material riches, sex, love, creativity, fertility, compassion, beauty, and laughter. Her greatest attribute is her ability to provide the emotions a solid foundation upon which to reside and grow. Measures 6 to 8 inches. Cost: $34.95.

Erzulie Freda Dahomey, Voodoo Goddess of Love

Erzulie Freda is the loa of romantic love. She is invoked to help find a lover, or renew a love relationship. She is also a powerful magician whose very presence nullifies poison and evil magic, and she can offer wealth and luxury to those who serve her. Measures 6 to 8 inches. Cost: $34.95.

Fertility Broom Doll, for the Love of Hearth, Health, & Home

In New Orleans, the broom functions to sweep away evil influences from the home. Fertility broom dolls are fashioned out of brooms as health, fertility, protection talismans to bring health and fertility into your life. Measures about 7 x 4.5". Cost: $24.95.

Available exclusively at The Mystic Voodoo.