Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hummingbird Spells

Hummingbirds are included as an ingredient in many Mexican love spells. In the past, hummingbirds were captured and dried to be used alongside the botannicals and oils in magick markets. Fortunately, a much more humane way of utilizing the spirit of the hummingbird is now practiced. This involves the use of a metal or stone fetish.

Hummingbird Altar of Love

To create a hummingbird altar of love, place an image of a hummingbird as the focal point. Burn copal in front of the image while concentrating on and visualizing your desires.

To strengthen the spell, petition Xochiquetzal, the enchanting and beautiful Aztec Goddess of love. Offer bouquets of lovely flowers and spring water while requesting her assistance.

About Xochiquetzal
Her name means "Flower Feather". Originally associated with the moon, Xochiquetzal is the most charming Goddess of the Aztec pantheon and rules the earth, flowers, plants, games, and dance, in addition to matters of the heart. She is also the patroness of artisans, prostitutes, pregnant women and birth. Every eight years a feast was held in her honor where the celebrants wore animal and flowers masks. Her husband is said to be Tlolac, the God of rain and fertility, and she is reportedly the mother of Quetzlcoatl, the feathered serpent deity of Mesoamerican culture.

About Voodoomama
I come by this magick honestly as a descendent of the Aztec King Xicotencotl of Tlaxcala. Two of his daughters married two Spanish conquistadors, Pedro and Jorge Alvarado, and subsequently bore the first Mixtec children. These are the ancestors of my father.

"Xochiquetzal." Encyclopedia Mythica from Encyclopedia Mythica Online.
[Accessed March 17, 2007].


Anonymous said...

voodoo dosent work well at least not for me i cnat get it to work :@

Anonymous said...

Hi I read your blog about the Mexican Love spells and you mentioned some of the Aztec God & Goddesses, I think one of them Tlolac is spelled incorrectly, it should be spelled Tlaloc. I was born and raised in Mexico City and a huge statue of Tlaloc the God of the rain is located in the Antropology Museum. My mother used to take us there and told us that when Tlaloc was transported from his place of origen and placed in The Antropology museum in Mexico city, that it rain and rain and rain for 3 consecutive months. Do you live in New Orleans? any way thank you for sharing your blog. Selena

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